The Faculty of Education of the University of Hong Kong organized the Knowledge Fair on supporting children’s learning Journey through home and school education on April 13, 2024. Prof Rui Yang, the Dean of Education, gave opening remarks. Prof Carrie Lau and Dr Rhoda Wang shared strategies and activities for enhancing children’s literacy and numeracy

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Professor Judith Semon Dubas from Utrecht University visited the Faculty from April 7 to 14, 2024, under the Faculty Visitor Scheme. During this visit, Professor Dubas gave two seminars and a workshop. Please see the posters and gallery photos below to capture the glitz and glamour of the events! Seminar 1: Between- and Within-family  Differences

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  Colleagues from PECERA Hong Kong, Dr Lydia Chan and Ms Rainlla Chan, visited CORE in December 2023. It was great to have exchanged our exciting work and initiatives as we conclude the year. We look forward to our upcoming collaboration.

Professor Nirmala Rao and the PhD candidate, Gong Jing, Joann, attended the 12th OMEP Asia-Pacific Conference in Sydney, Australia, from Dec. 6 to Dec. 8, 2023. This Conference, themed Looking Back, Moving Forward: Progressing the UN Sustainable Development Goals in the Asia-Pacific Region, attracted more than 200 delegates from more than 10 OMEP member countries/regions.

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A new article about the Bachelor of Education in (Early Childhood Education and Special Education) [BEd(ECE&SE)] programme was published in the HKU Bulletin in Volume 25 No. 1, November 2023. Dr Diana Lee introduced the BEd(ECE&SE) programme comprehensively. For more details, please see the original article on the HKU Bulletin website by clicking the button

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Professor Nirmala Rao, delivered a keynote speech entitled Nourishing Young Minds: Measuring the Influence of Preschools and Homes, at the 2023 SEED (Study of Early Education and Development) Conference on Nov. 4. She shared the impact of preschools and families on children’s development in different cultures, compared preschool quality assessment programs in different regions, and

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Nineteen students from the Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Education and Special Education [BEd(ECE&SE)] programme participated in a visit to the Affiliated School of Jinan University for Hong Kong and Macao Students (ASJ) in Dongguan on October 16, 2023. For more details, please visit the Faculty website by clicking the button below. See Details

  In August 2023, CORE members Prof Nirmala Rao, Dr Stephanie Chan, and Miss Zeyi Li presented at the 20th Biennial EARLI Conference in Thessaloniki, Greece.   The team presented papers titled “The East Asia-Pacific Early Child Development Scales: A longitudinal validation study in China”, “Test-fairness assessing executive functions in preschoolers from Germany and Hong

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