– CORE Members Attended the 27th ISSBD Biennial Meeting

From June 16 to 20, 2024, CORE Members attended the ISSBD 27th Biennial Meeting in Lisbon, Portugal. 

The team presented a total of 12 papers/posters at the conference. Please find detailed presentation information below.

Stephanie Chan, Zeyi Li, & Nirmala Rao

Yuen Ting NG (Rita)

Jing Gong & Stephanie Chan

Zeyi Li, Jing Gong, & Nirmala Rao

Hechunzi Wang, Jichen Liu, & Nirmala RAO

Rui Zhang, Carrie Lau, & Nirmala RAO

Shuyang Dong

Jing Gong & Nirmala Rao

Zeyi Li & Nirmala Rao

Yau Yu Chan & Nirmala Rao

Hechunzi Wang & Nirmala Rao

Rui Zhang & Nirmala RAO