– Knowledge Exchange Video Series (Preschool Series)

Preschool children between the ages of three and six develop rapidly in language, emotional and social aspects, but at the same time, they encounter varying degrees of difficulties and challenges. When children have learning, behavioural, emotional or social developmental problems, parents often feel helpless. In view of this, the Faculty of Education at The University of Hong Kong has launched a series of Knowledge Exchange videos to share practical tips and skills of parenting with the public, as well as to help parents understand the needs of their children’s growth and establish a good parent-child relationship in a simple and interesting way.

The topics and speakers include: 
    •   How to enhance children’s EQ through games and rewards? (Mrs Kit Chan)
    •   How can parents help children in K3 improve their writing ability? (Dr Diana Lee)
    •   How to enhance parent-child connectedness? (Dr Yuen Man Tak)
    •   How to facilitate children’s hearing and language development through hearing aids? (Professor Lena Wong)
    •   How to use wordless book to help children learn Chinese? (Dr Diana Lee)
    •   How to enhance the language skills of children with language developmental delay? (Dr Anita Wong)

The videos are uploaded onto the Faculty’s YouTube Channel. Please watch them at https://www.youtube.com/edukehku (in Chinese only). We hope these videos are helpful in nurturing your beloved kids!