EAP-ECDS Research Output

Research Output based on the EAP-ECDS

Research reports

  1. Rao, N., Richards, B., Umayahara, M., Sun, J., Bacon-Shone, J., Ip, P., Lee, D., & Becher, Y. (2017). Myanmar East Asia- Pacific Early Child Development Scales (EAP-ECDS) Project. UNICEF: Myanmar.
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    Winner of Best of UNICEF Research
  5. UNICEF Office of Research (2015). Early Childhood Development in East Asia and Pacific: Culturally sensitive testing. In Best of UNICEF Research 2015 (p.19-23) Florence, Italy.

Published articles

  1. Rao, N., Richards, B., Lau, C., Weber, A. M., Sun, J., Darmstadt, G. L., Sincovich, A., Bacon-Shone, J., & Ip, P. (2020). Associations among early stimulation, stunting, and child development in four countries in the East Asia-Pacific. International Journal of Early Childhood. https://doi.org/10.1007/s13158-020-00270-8
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  8. Zhou, J., Zhang, L. & Rao, N. (2018). 我國早期兒童學習發展的現狀分析: 一項來自EAP-ECDS 的研究報告 (The early developmental status and differences of young children in China: A Report from the EAP-ECDS validation study. 全球教育展望(Global Education). 7(47), 114-128.
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Other publications

  1. Rao, N., Becher, Y., Lee, D., Richards, B., Sun, J., Bacon-Shone, J., Ip, P., Umayahara, M., & Chen, E. (2017). Assessing early development and learning: The East Asia-Pacific Early Childhood Development Scales (EAP-ECDS). EAP-ECDS Brief. ARNEC. UNICEF.
  2. Rao, N., Sun, J., & Becher, Y. (2015). Assessing early development and learning across cultures: The East Asia Pacific-Early Child Development Scales. Assessment and Development Matters, 7(2), 21-25.


  1. Rao, N., Sun, J., Ip, P. Bacon-Shone, J. Sincovich, A., Ho, F.K., & Gao, S. (2016). Early Child Development Scale in-depth Analysis. Final Report. UNICEF: Cambodia